Monday, April 10, 2006

The Play

Based on Doris Lessing's memoir, In Pursuit of the English ... a world-premiere one-woman portrayal of post-war London life, aching with heartbreak and laughter, amid the bombsites left by the blitz ... charming characterization, resonates with war-torn, post-apocalyptic timeliness, while retaining its wry British sense of humor ... the compelling, bittersweet story of Rose, a witty young cockney woman, comes to life at the inaugural Capital Fringe Festival, Penn Quarter, Washington, DC, in the Warehouse Theatre, July 20-30, 2006.
Hilary Kacser, the actor and creator of the play, is first-generation American, and her mother grew up in the London blitz. Based on In Pursuit of the English, Doris Lessing's post-war tragicomedy: "A shrewd, unsentimental picture of Londoners, the real English; swift, barbed style," (, "Eloquent...Wry, ribald...tartly humorous style," (New York Times), "staggering penetration of the ordinary working-class Londoner's nature," (Washington Post).


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